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Become a Partner of the is a group of SaaS software products that directly improves your productdata. By using smart AI algorithms within different processes of productdatamanagement, the PowerSuite helps saving time and costs in an automated way.

Why Partner with us?


By becoming an affiliate you will enter a network of Europe’s most disruptive and innovative startup companies.


AI is still in its earliest stages and by tagging along during this phase you will be part of this trajectory.


Provide your clients with new possibilities and introduce them to the many ways AI can be of service to their business.

Partner Program Options


Becoming an affiliate of the PowerSuite means becoming a valued and trusted partner with a say in our future endeavors, roadmap, and expansion.


We value your efforts in trying to introduce the PowerSuite to your clients, therefore we reward our partners for every new customer referred by you.


Reap the benefits of the innovation behind our no-code solution, accessible to everyone with no prerequisites in terms technical knowledge.

Become a Certified Reseller

Get the tools, training, support and knowledge to implement PowerSuite solutions across your customer base.

Join Our Referral Program

Simply refer a customer to us, we will take over from here and reward you with a generous referral bonus if your lead decides to purchase one of our products.

Most of our Partners are

Product syndication platforms

PIM/ERP Suppliers

Online Marketing Agencies


System Integrators

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