How it works

See how simple works.

Train the algorithm without any programming knowledge and automatically make clusters of product variants, alternatives, accessories, and upsell for your e-commerce website. We cannot make it any easier.

1. Upload your data

Drag your Excel file with product information into the tool.

2. Train your data

Training the algorithm is fast and easy. After all, you don't need any programming knowledge.

3. Define extra rules

The algorithm will present the products relations. There is an option to manually define extra product relations.

4. View and export results

Get an overview of the defined product clusters and export the clusters to your e-commerce website.

Still not convinced?

We made a video explaining our tool which you can watch

Complementary services

We are not all equally technically minded or there is simply not enough time. That is not a problem, because we are strong in several areas. We notice that there is a greater need for additional services. Below you will find what these are, how we approach this and what the benefits are.

Enriching data

If your data quality is insufficient we can help to enrich your data with the use of feature extraction.

API link

Never manually import or export your data again with a direct link to your API. Your products are also directly provided with texts.