Staples collects and stores product data from the products they sell. Data is collected from various sources, enriched with other data sources and divided into the correct product classes and sub-classes. This is a labor-intensive process. The challenge for Squadra Machine Learning Company was to develop an algorithm that predicts the class and subclass of a product, using the manufacturer, a product description and (optional) product characteristics based on a training data set provided by Staples.


With the use of modern artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, labor-intensive processes are fully or partially automated. Based on the product data set of Staples, Squadra Machine Learning Company has proven the power of Machine Learning and developed an algorithm that can perform classification prediction and variant detection of product data.


A trained algorithm per language offered as an Excel file (and as a web service). The Excel file can be used to enter product information (manufacturer, product description and optional attributes) and it will predict the class and subclasses of these products as output.