BCC is a major Dutch electronics retailer with a product range of more than 20.000 products with more than 63 stores in the Netherlands. As part of the Mirage Retail Group, BCC is able to identify market developments in an instant and respond to those developments by offering the newest products.


Consumers of online stores may often be influenced by the products that are offered to them. When consumers are looking for a certain type of phone, they may expect that a phone case and screen protector are offered along with this specific phone. When a customer is not entirely sure about which phone to buy, they may expect that alternative options are offered to them. For this reason, BCC was looking for a way to offer related, comparable, and accessory products to customers. With so many products in their assortment, this would be an unachievable task to perform manually. In order to spare man hours and therefore money, BCC concluded that automating this process would be the most effective way to reach their goal.


Squadra Machine Learning Company has developed a smart tool called PowerRelate.ai that is able to detect meaningful relationships between products. By comparing all product features with smart algorithms, alternative, additional and comparable products can be detected and adjusted for your ecommerce website in an instant.

Moreover, the software is able to extract information from sales data. For example, when someone buys a vacuum cleaner, they will need fitting vacuum cleaner bags to use the initial product a few months later. Powerrelate.ai is able to analyze this data and combine this information with product characteristics, to subsequently offer meaningful product relations for your ecommerce organization.

Smart AI is combined with maintainable business rules to automatically define product relations for thousands of products.


With the help of Powerrelate.ai software, BCC can now provide its entire product portfolio with related, alternative, comparable and accessory products in an automated way. With the help of PowerRelate.ai, BCC now saves a lot of manhours and at the same time boosts their revenue due to additional sales.