Detect meaningful relations between your products

By comparing all product features with smart algorithms, double, alternative or comparable products can be detected and adjusted in a moment for your ecommerce website.

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“You are able to increase your revenue because you can now offer the right product combinations to your customers”

Our powerful algorithms allows you to offer product variants, similar products and accessoires, based on the features of the products. It can also be used to create logical product families, for example on your website.

Benefits of


Let our algorithm do the hard work and save your time. Offer hundreds or thousands similar products, comparable products and accessoires, based on the features of the products in an instant.

4,9% more sales

A/B-testing has shown that sales will be significantly increased when variants, alternatives and accessories are offered to your customers using our smart software.

No coding required

Due to the friendly user interface, there is no technical knowledge required. The smart tool is accessible to everyone.

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How does it work?

1. Upload your product data.

Upload your product data and select the segment of the products you want to make clusters for.

2. Our algorithms find all variants, accessories and comparable products.

It will conduct the clusters of relevant products and propose the features which are relevant for the relation.

3. The proposed relations can be verified and if required adjusted to fit the need of the end-customer.

For example, you can add product feature relations like colour or dimensions, depending on the product you want to create a cluster for.

4. Simply export your clusters and relations to an Excel file.

The Excel file can be integrated with your e-commerce and/or PIM systems. Of course, we can also offer API’s for the integration with these systems.



Intergamma bv operates the construction market formulas GAMMA and KARWEI on a franchise basis, with nearly 400 construction markets in the Netherlands and Belgium. They have 9 own hardware stores and formula a webshop. They do this with a team of almost 400 people from 2 offices in Leusden and Antwerp. They are the market leader in the Benelux.

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Office Depot

Office Depot is the largest supplier of office supplies and services in Europe. It employs approximately 4,500 people in total. Their two main brands are Office Depot and Viking. Today they are active in 27 European countries. Office Depot has subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

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Today, Staples is the largest company in the industry, with customers in thirty European countries and another twenty markets worldwide. Their people are passionate and specialize in business solutions. Staples Solutions works with companies with six or more employees to develop custom procurement programs.

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